Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill is a local family owned restaurant that serves best mediterranean and persian food in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They have many of the standard mediterranean dishes such as Tabouli, Hummus, Gyros,and Falafel.

Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill also serves a variety of Persian dishes such as kabobs, Lamb shank, Zereshk rice, and Khoresht Ghaimeh.

Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill serves variety of salads, spuds, wraps and sandwiches.

If you have never eaten mediterranean food, then you can always try the Mediterranean platter and taste a little bit of everything.

All the platters are relatively large and can be shared among two people.  Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill serves halal meat.

You can also call Ali Baba for catering your next party.  They will cook, deliver, and set up the food for you.

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  • “Oklahoma’s Best Gyros”…it could be right.

  • Market Deli changes name

  • Hours of Operation:

    Monday thru Saturday 10:30am to 8pm
    Sunday - Closed


    4709 East 51st Street (51st and Yale)
    Tulsa, OK, 74135
    Tel: (918) 488-1818